In conjunction with Jobscan‘s new resume optimization checks — which include formatting checks for headings, dates, file types, and more — we’ve invited career coaches and resume writers to share exclusive resume templates with our readers. Next up is Irina Pichura out of New York City. Be sure to follow her on LinkedIn and check out her website.

These featured templates do not necessarily reflect Jobscan’s typical advice. You can upload the template into Jobscan to see how it syncs up with our advice.

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About Irina Pichura

Irina Pichura is a Career Coach and owner at A New York City native, Irina is a Fordham University alumnus and has experience recruiting for Fortune 500 companies like ADP and Goldman Sachs, as well as some of NYC’s hottest startups like Investopedia and The Daily Beast.

After screening, interviewing, and hiring thousands of candidates for these companies, she learned what made a candidate successful, what impressed hiring managers, and what mistakes were immediate deal-breakers. She works with new grads to C-suite executives clients, representing a variety of industries and professions.

Her services include:

• 1-on-1 Job Search Strategy Coaching
• 1-on-1 Services – Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization
• Digital courses and workshops for Job Searching and Revamping Job Marketing Materials

Download Irina’s resume template


Featured resume template from Irina Pichura
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More about this resume template

Recruiters like a resume that easy to scan at a glance (they make their decisions in seconds). This template is easy to digest because it’s presented exactly how one would normally read anything – up and down, left to right. Also, by avoiding tables and keeping it text-based, it is easy for automated systems to parse text off of it, improving the chances of it getting through the ATS properly.

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What’s new at Jobscan

Jobscan‘s resume optimization tool now checks your formatting based on applicant tracking system and recruiter best practices. New intelligent checks make even the best resume templates more ATS compatible and recruiter-friendly than ever.

ATS Checks

  • Hard skills, soft skills, and keyword matching
  • Job title and education matching
  • ATS-friendly section headings NEW
  • ATS-friendly date formatting NEW
  • ATS-friendly file type NEW
  • ATS-friendly columns and tables NEW

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Recruiter Checks

  • Measurable results, word count, and words to avoid
  • Contact information NEW
  • Sentence length NEW
  • Predicted skills missing from the job description NEW
  • Industry-specific insights NEW
  • Font readability NEW

Keep an eye out for additional new features. Jobscan is updated every two weeks and new formatting checks are on the way!

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