LinkedIn Optimization with Jobscan

Here at Jobscan, we’ve leveraged our resume scanning and optimization technology and researched recruiter behavior to help job seekers and in-demand professionals increase their searchability and get more out of their LinkedIn profiles. With Jobscan LinkedIn Optimization, you see exactly how your profile scores for the jobs you want and receive actionable tips to optimize your profile.

Why Does LinkedIn Optimization Matter?

    • 138 million users are on LinkedIn in the United States.
  • 44,000 job applications are submitted daily through LinkedIn.
  • 74% of recruiters source job candidates from LinkedIn.
  • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet job candidates.

Recruiters pay thousands of dollars for powerful LinkedIn search tools that highlight candidates based on hyper-specific keywords and algorithms. Hiring managers vet candidates based on their LinkedIn profiles. Whether you’re using LinkedIn to attract recruiters or supplement your resume in your job search, your profile can only make a positive impact if it’s complete, professional, and tailored to the jobs you want with targeted keywords and search engine optimized profile sections.

After getting your LinkedIn profile score, transform your profile with Jobscan’s tips, example phrases, keywords, and LinkedIn search insights to help boost your profile’s visibility and credibility among recruiters.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Optimization

You can get your profile score and begin optimizing your LinkedIn profile in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Connect to Your LinkedIn Profile

At the link above, connect with your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Optimization, Step 1

Your profile might already be connected to LinkedIn if you’re a registered Jobscan user, so sign in at this point if you haven’t already.

LinkedIn Optimization, Step 1

If your LinkedIn was previously connected or you have revised your profile and are rescanning your profile, be sure to click “Refresh LinkedIn” above your photo.

Once your profile is connected, click “Next.”

Step 2: Export LinkedIn profile PDF and upload to Jobscan

Linking your profile in Step 1 doesn’t give Jobscan all the information required to analyze your LinkedIn profile summary, work history, and other fields.

LinkedIn Optimization, Step 2

LinkedIn offers a PDF download of your profile that is accessible by visiting your profile, clicking the “…” dropdown menu in the top section of your profile, and selecting “Save to PDF.”

LinkedIn Optimization dropdown menu for pdf

After uploading your PDF, click “Next.”

Step 3: Paste job descriptions

Jobscan scores your LinkedIn profile against real job descriptions.

LinkedIn Optimization, Step 3

If you’re signed in and have already used Jobscan’s resume scanner, your previously scanned job descriptions will be available on the right. If you’re just getting started or would like to add new job descriptions, copy and paste any job description into the field on the left and click “+ Add.” Add and select at least 3 job listings then click “Scan.”

You’re ready to see your score!

LinkedIn Optimization Report

Your LinkedIn Optimization report features 7 sections:

  1. Profile Score
  2. LinkedIn Basic Info
  3. High Impact
  4. Work Experience
  5. Skills
  6. Education
  7. Tips and Tricks

Profile Score

Your score is a snapshot of how well your LinkedIn profile represents you for the jobs you want. Optimizing your profile above 80% will move you toward the top of recruiters’ search results and add credibility to your online persona.

LinkedIn Optimization score


High Impact

Nailing the high impact section is crucial to improving your searchability and increasing your exposure on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Optimization - High Impact

Your headline is your introduction to recruiters and anyone else on LinkedIn. It should be up to date and feature specific keywords to give recruiters a clear idea of what you bring to the table. Your summary is your elevator pitch that shows off your best work and qualifications, but is also an important field for LinkedIn’s search function.

The LinkedIn Optimization report includes customized tips and examples regarding your headline and summary’s length, keywords and phrases to

include, red flags to avoid, and other important checks.

Unlock Full LinkedIn Optimization

Profile Score, LinkedIn Basic Info, and parts of the High Impact section are available for all users.

To unlock the rest of the report and unlimited LinkedIn profile scans, upgrade your account. Upgraded users also receive access to:

  • unlimited resume match rate calculations
  • resume live scoring
  • resume scan history and interview tracking
  • cover letter optimization
  • exclusive learning materials

Unlock your full LinkedIn report

Profile Summary

The Profile Summary is an underutilized section on many LinkedIn profiles. This premium portion of the High Impact section checks your summary for length, suggests specific keywords and phrases to include for LinkedIn search purposes, looks for measurable results, and more.

Work Experience

Including a thorough work history will paint the clearest picture of you as a candidate and provide you ample opportunities to share your accomplishments, measurable results, and experience. This section checks to make sure you have included enough experience and measurable results, don’t have any unexplained temp gigs or job hopping, and aren’t using too many cliche buzzwords.


Recruiters input specific skills or keywords into complex queries to find candidates in LinkedIn search.

LinkedIn Optimization - Skills Comparison

The skills you list throughout your profile should match the frequency and exact wording found in the descriptions of jobs you’re interested in or have applied for. This section of the LinkedIn Optimization report compares the frequency of hard skills and keywords found in the job descriptions with your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

There are ways to increase your LinkedIn presence beyond fine tuning the contents of your profile. This section checks to see if you’re utilizing typically neglected portions of your profile and engaging in LinkedIn behavior that will increase your exposure and searchability.

Get Help

Receive a walkthrough of your report by clicking “Guide Me” next to your score. More information about any of Jobscan’s checks and why they’re important can be found by clicking the blue question marks throughout the report.

LinkedIn Optimization - Get Help

Revise and Rescan

After improving your LinkedIn profile with Jobscan’s tips and advice, click “New Scan” on the left sidebar to rescan your profile and get your new score. Be sure to click “Refresh LinkedIn” on Step 1 and upload a new PDF on step 2.

LinkedIn Optimization - Revise and Conquer

Strive to boost your score above at least 80%, but don’t stop there! The more you increase your score, the more you increase your LinkedIn profile’s searchability and impact. Get noticed!

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile